A+ smART Bowl Fundraiser Information

On Thursday, March 29 from 8:00-11:50 am, the Eugene Field PTA will be hosting the A+ smART Bowl.  This event is one of the largest fund raising events of the year.  Each student is given 50 questions and answers tailored to their grade level and the current curriculum to learn by testing day.  

During the weeks prior to the A+ smART Bowl, pledges are obtained from family and friends.  These pledges can be used as an incentive...the better one does, the more money raised, or as a gift given just for participation. 

The A+ smART Bowl provides an opportunity to showcase our school to others, help students learn valuable information, and raise money for educational enrichment activities.  

If you have questions regarding the A+ smART Bowl, please contact the Eugene Field PTA. 

Eugene Field