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Eugene Field is South Dakota's first A+ school, where daily arts instruction is fundamental — and not just for music and visual art.

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Lion King Shutterfly Website Information

Kerrie Vilhauer

Do you want to get all the latest information about what is going on with the musical?

Join Mrs. Laura’s website and enjoy the following:

  • The Practice Calendar
  • Messages and Updates from Mrs. Laura and the musical team
  • Requests for volunteer help
  • A place to communicate with other “drama” parents, the musical team, and teachers.
  • Pictures and Videos - See past performances and add your own pictures.

  • Calendar - This will be kept updated.

  • Message Board – Great place to ask your questions or make a comment. You can reply to others as well.

  • Contact List – Add yourself to this list to make it easier to collaborate with other musical families!


  1.  Go to:
  2. If you have a Shutterfly account, your email and password will work for this.
  3. If you don’t have a Shutterfly account, click on Sign Up to create one.
  4. It will then state this is a private site and ask if you would like to gain access
  5. Click on ASK. Mrs. Laura will grant you access and then you will be able to enter the music and drama website whenever you want!