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Eugene Field is South Dakota's first A+ school, where daily arts instruction is fundamental — and not just for music and visual art.

Eugene Field News

Shrek Set Construction Begins: Donations Needed

Kerrie Vilhauer

Preparations for the spring musical "Shrek" have begun. Volunteers to help build the set are needed! We also are seeking a variety of construction items, specifically:

  • 2x4s (about 8 to 10 12-footers)
  • plywood (about 6-8 full sheets)
  • screws, hinges and chicken wire
  • Also if anyone is a hunter and has items such as camouflage netting, grasses, or anything that might have a green/brown/yellow, swampy, mossy look to it, we could use it to hang from the tree/sign/house)
  • Black, red or blue fabric for curtain
  • Small pvc pipe or curtain rods that would hang behind the scene

If you have any of the above items or would like to donate toward them, please contact

Thank you!




and are in need of some items to begin construction on the set. Our dear friend Neal Zimmer (former Eugene Field parent) is not able to help us with construction this year, so we are in need of folks who like to build to help set designer Diana Grandgeorge out. Diana has listed the items below as things we are going to need: