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Eugene Field is South Dakota's first A+ school, where daily arts instruction is fundamental — and not just for music and visual art.

About Eugene Field

At Eugene Field A+ Elementary school, the "A+" stands for "art plus academics." Students at Eugene Field see their lessons presented in a variety of formats to connect with all eight of the multiple intelligences identified by researcher Howard Gardner: word, math (or logic), people, self, art (or picture), music, body, and nature.

What are the eight multiple intelligences?

The eight multiple intelligences, as devised by Howard Gardner, are:

  • Word Smart - Students use words effectively, and enjoy reading, playing word games, and making up poetry or stories. Lessons encouraging them to interact with words through speaking, writing, and reading.
  • Math (or Logic) Smart - Students learn through reasoning and calculation, with conceptual and abstract patterns and relationships. Lessons include logic games, investigations, and mysteries.
  • People Smart - Students are keen to interact with others, with strengths in making friends, empathy, and common sense. Lessons taught through group activities, seminars, and dialogues.
  • Self Smart - Students understand one's self with wisdom, intuition and motivation, as well as a strong will, confidence and opinions. Lessons are best done through independent study and introspection.
  • Art (or Picture) Smart - Students think in terms of physical space - drawing, jigsaw puzzles, maps - with lessons that include drawings and physical imagery.
  • Music Smart - Students show sensitivity to rhythm and sound, including the sounds within their environment. Lessons include turning lessons into lyrics, speaking rhythmically, or tapping out time.
  • Body Smart - Students use the body effectively, focused on movement, making things, and physical touch. Lessons communicate through body language and physical activity or role playing.
  • Nature Smart - Students are in love with the natural world, both confident and comfortable in nature. Lessons bring them closer to nature through observation, immersion in nature, or simply comparing and contrasting natural life.

Sioux Falls' only A+ School

Eugene Field A+ Elementary is the only A+ school in the Sioux Falls area. At Eugene Field, children are surrounded by peers who are accepting of one another and are creatively gifted. We pride ourselves in creating a special place that provides a safe, creative environment for unique learning.

The A+ program includes: 

  • Arts Integration - National, state, and district standards are met by putting the curriculum in the arts, and the arts in the curriculum
  • Collaboration - Classroom teachers and the fine arts team work together to plan thematic units that engage all students and their various learning styles. 
  • Multiple Intelligences - Brain research shows we all learn in different ways. Instructional delivery utilizes Garner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. 
  • Partnerships - A+ schools share strong community-based partnerships with area arts organizations, colleges, universities and businesses. 
"I love Eugene Field's caring teachers, small school atmosphere, and emphasis on multiple intelligences and fine arts. I am assured that my children are getting an education tailored to their strengths. My only regret is that we didn't open enroll sooner!"   - Parent, Eugene Field A+ Elementary

Interested in Eugene Field A+ Elementary?

Come and see A+ in action! Tours are given by appointment. You can join us - and watch your child grow through the A+ program!